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Balboa Water Group

Balboa Circuit Board - Leisure Bay [LB104] Millennium (51789)

$ 375.42

Balboa Water Group Replacement Circuit Board

If you are having challenges locating the circuit board you need, we have an extensive knowledge base to assist you: :

What Circuit Board Goes With My System?
Did the Part Number Fall off of the circuit board?

Additional Information:
Identical to:
51511, 51545, 51789, 520ER1C, 52518, 54122, AC100R1A, APS100R2A,B240DGR2A,
B240DGR2B, B240DGR2D, C3000R1C, C3000R1D, C4000R1A,CS3000R, DAK100R1A,
DAK100R1B, DS100R1C, DS34R2A, DS34R2B, DS4R3C,FW150R1B, H150R2A,
H150R2C, HS100R1A, JET100R1A, L101R1B, LB104R1B,LB104R1C, LB104R1D,
LB104R1E, M2/M3R1, M2/M3R1D, MAJ200R1B, MAJ200R1D,MAS300R1F,
Q1043R2A, SAR200R2A, SCS100R1A, SS3000R1A, WS200R1A,ZX2000R2A,
ZX2000R2B, BAL52518, 611313, 9710-07, HPL200R1F, 2000DR1C,2000DR2B,
50862, 50975, 510ER1A, 51408

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