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GLB Oxy-Brite Non-Chlorine Shock Oxidizer (2lbs.)

$ 18.95

GLB Oxy-Brite Non-Chlorine Shock Oxidizer

Oxy-Brite non-chlorine shock oxidizer creates sparkling water and shock treats in one step. Containing DuPont Oxone, a powerful oxygen-based oxidizer, its powerful formula rids pool water of contaminants that cause odor and irritation, and brightens and clears the water with unique blue water brightening crystals.


Swim immediately after treatment!
Restores sparkle to cloudy water
Reduces sanitizer demand
Will not increase CYA levels


Initial Dosage and Maintenance:

With no swimmers in the pool, apply 1 lb. of Oxy-Brite non-chlorine shock oxidizer per 10,000 gallons of pool water directly to the pool. Disperse evenly over the pool surface by carefully walking around the pool's perimeter.

Used weekly, Oxy-Brite will continually oxidize contaminants thus requiring less sanitizer throughout the week to maintain clean water.

Compatible With:
Compatible with bromine, chlorine, salt water, ozone and minerals

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