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Balboa Ozone Generator Kit 115V W/AMP Plug (99815A)

$ 169.97

Balboa Ozone Bath Generator Kit (115V) with NEMA Plug

Balboa Water Group is dedicated to providing only the highest quality spa systems to our customers. Our Balboa Ozone Bath Generator Kit is no exception. Below are the basic features and functions along with any additional information about ozone operation.

(Kit includes: Ozone Generator with NEMA Plug, Inline Check Valve, tubing to connect check valve, tie wraps)

  • Ozone is 200 times stronger than household bleach.
  • Ozone is made naturally from the oxygen we breath. Unlike traditional chemicals,
  • Ozone is safe and gentle enough to be used while bathing.
  • Ozone reverts to oxygen when its work is done, leaving no by-products in the water.
  • Ozone is automatically introduced to the bath water when the pump is turned on.
Ozone has been used for 100 years to sanitize water:
  • Hundreds of US cities utilize ozone for municipal drinking and waste water
  • Almost all bottled water is treated with ozone
  • Since 1984, all Olympic Games Competition Pools are purified with ozone
Maintenance Free
  • The Balboa Ozone sanitation system operates maintenance free.
  • Cost pennies a day.
  • No moving parts to wear out.
Why Our Customers Need Balboa Ozone
    1. Balboa Ozone Automatic Sanitation Systems
      Introducing proven residential spa ozone technology into the Whirlpool Bath industry. The system infuses ozones triatomic power (oxidation potential) into recirculating bath water. This helps neutralize sediments such as soaps, body oils, and other organic and inorganic materials that may be found in bath water and plumbing.

    1. How does the Balboa Ozone system work?

      When the tub circulation pump is turned on, the system begins operating in unison. Ozone gas is generated and immediately mixed into the recirculating bath water via the connection between the generator and a dedicated Ozone therapy jet. When the tub pump is turned off, the ozone generator circuit also turns off.

    1. How does the Balboa Ozone create ozone?

      The Ozone manufactured Corona Discharge (CD) generator splits Oxygen O2 molecules into separate O1 atoms. The O1 atoms immediately bond loosely to adjacent O2 molecules to form powerful O3 ozone molecules.

    1. Is the Balboa Ozone unit reliable?

      With nearly 1,000,000 Ozone spa units installed worldwide (90% spa market share), this unit shares the same time-proven (and reliable) ozone generator technology for automatic ozone generation. Balboa design teams have engineered the system for easy installation, high reliability. The unit is EPA registered and UR recognized.

    1. What other benefits does the Balboa Ozone unit provide to end users?

      The unit eliminates the need to run caustic chlorine or other chemicals through the tub circulation system. The end user can simply fill the tub and run the jet pump (at least 15 minutes) to effectively sanitize the tub and internal components where potentially harmful organic matter grows. This eliminates a step that many tub owners fail to follow.

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