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Flo Thru, Titanium, 4 KW 240v.

$ 87.08

titanium heater

1. NEW! 3 welded stabilizers, made from the same metal as the element, minimize vibration while adding durability and reliability, even under high flow conditions.

2. NEW! A structural bulkhead bracket is now standard on all Balboa heater elements. This new feature assures that the element is always centered in the heater housing during the assembly process. By assuring manufacturing repeatability, product quality is enhanced. The end result: Consistently smoother flow around the element, combined with decreased harmonic vibration, all add up to improved durability and reliability.

3. NEW! Crimped bulkheads allow precision alignment during manufacturing. A chemically-inert epoxy seal, instead of brazing, improves corrosion resistance. Each assembly is tested to 60 psi, assuring a leak-free installation.

4. NEW! Computerized element bending specs simplify heater assembly and improve manufacturing repeatability. This new design allows for maximum clearance between the element and the housing, providing a rattle-free heater at all flows.


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