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Pioneer H2O Technologies

ISIS Standard Helix Cell (Electrode)

$ 149.97

Currently available only as a warranty replacement. Please call to arrange shipment.

The Industry Leading Automatic Bromine Generator

Environmentally Friendly • Ease of Installation • Crystal Clear Water

The Intelligent Spa Integrated System (ISIS) is the cutting edge advantage for a continually clean, inviting, and always-safe recreational water environment for you and your family.


Eradicates the need for many harmful chemicals, floaters, and other unsightly and inconvenient burdens of the older traditional chemical regiments of the hot tub world

No pungent chemical smells, dry skin, itching, odor or the damage caused by chlorination of spas

Easy to use, simple to set-up, and ensures you will have a clean and inviting spa

Reduces your impact on the environment by using minimal electricity, saving you water and time

ISIS is a new beginning for consumers and their spas

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