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Laing SM-909-NT-26 115v 98W 3/4"NPT 9gpm

Laing Thermotech

Laing SM-909-NT-26 115v 98W 3/4"NPT 9gpm

$ 249.00

When ordering your replacement Laing Thermotech circulating pump, please pay particular attention to the nameplate information on the original pump and make sure that information matches one of the lines below. Failure to do so may cost you another service call and possibly the cost of the pump. If you are not sure, call us for assistance for proper matchup. As a side note, some older pumps had mixed types of connections (i.e. 3/4"thd inlet, 3/4"barb outlet). In many cases, these mixed connections are no longer available and it will be easier to convert a thd fitting to a barb than vice versa
3/4"npt 3/4"npt 115v 98w .95amp 9gpm

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