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MB42E0231AS/UL1 syllent bath pump


Syllent Pump, 0.75 HP, 115V/60Hz, NEMA Plug (MB42E0231AS/UL1) Jason

$ 329.98


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Discharge Height

Overall Height





Click on the link for a visual comparison of each pump's water flow.
Traditional Pump vs. Syllent Pump
  • Self-draining, single stage, centrifugal motor pump
  • Less than 5 dB(A) ambient noise
  • Maintains constant water temperature through heat exchange
  • Unprecedented three-way auto-off protection – lack of water,
    blocked rotor, overheating
  • Unique water-cooled design – no need for external ventilation
  • Shielded with IP68 protection – total protection
    from dust or submersion
  • Electrically isolated and non-oxidizing
  • Synchronized hydro-magnetic rotor/turbine/bearings
  • Resin encapsulated wound stator
  • Highly energy efficient
  • No dynamic seals (mechanical seal type)
  • Single phase motor with permanent capacitor (115V or 230V)
  • Power cord with internal ground wire and NEMA
    three-prong plug
With its revolutionary Green Heat Energy System, Syllent dramatically increases the enjoyment of owning a whirlpool bath while supporting environmental sustainability. Its integrated pump and motor design generates "free heat" as it circulates water, delivering unparalleled warmth and comfort without wasting energy.
In independent testing, Syllent outperformed traditional motor-pumps, not only creating a more powerful and enjoyable whirlpool experience, but using much less energy. IAPMO-certified tests confirm that Syllent generates 15% more water flow than its closest competitor while cutting energy consumption by as much as 60%.
  • Syllent is the quietest bath pump in the world, enhancing the overall whirlpool bath experience. It’s perfect for use in the home, in the hospitality industry, or any noise-sensitive area.
    Click here to see how the sound of Syllent compares to other noises in your everyday life.
    Traditional whirlpool bath pumps are typically very noisy, which detracts from the whirlpool bath experience and also disturbs others in surrounding areas.
  • Syllent maintains hot water temperature and substantially delays water-cooling by capturing and circulating the heat energy from its motor.
    Heat energy produced by traditional motors is dissipated by a (noisy) cooling fan into the ambient air under the bathtub.
  • Syllent is safe – its composite construction provides triple electrical insulation. It could even run if totally immersed in water.
    Traditional pumps require electrical isolation between the pump and motor.
  • Syllent features its own internal water sensor, which automatically shuts the pump off in the absence of water.
    Add-on electronic water sensors are typically required in traditional pumps to protect against running dry.
  • Syllent will not leak – by design it has no shaft seal.
    The shaft seal between the wet end assembly (pump) and the motor in a traditional pump deteriorates over time, resulting in leaks.

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