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Aqua Finesse

MSPA Bubble Spa Select Filter and cleaner Kit

$ 45.97 $ 84.97

How do you safely & effectively clean your pool's filter cartridge? With AquaFinesse Filtercleaner Tablets.

The AquaFinesse Filtercleaner Tablet is a concentrated natural acid that thoroughly cleans your spa or hot tub's filter cartridge from trapped and removed biofilm and built-up greases & oils.

Learn more about biofilms.

Easy to use - just drop 4 AquaFinesse Filtercleaner tablets into a 10 gallon bucket of warm water. Allow the filter cartridge to soak for about one hour.

Effective - AquaFinesse Filtercleaner tablets thoroughly removes biofilm debris collected on the filter cartridge. More effective than many other filter cleaner products. Compatible with ALL spa care systems.

Eco-friendly - AquaFinesse Filtercleaner tablets contains no harsh chemicals. Cleans using natural acids. Waste water is able to be drained into almost any environment without fear of harming plants or animals.

Will not degrade Microban® (such as Great Barrier replacement cartridges) treated filter cartridges as quickly as other chemical filter cleaners.

20 AquaFinesse Filtercleaner Tablets per container. Use 2 tablets per cleaning treatment (per 10 gallon bucket of water). Each container will provide 10 cleanings

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