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Zorbo Hot Tub Spa Oil Scum Absorber [Single Pack] (MT1052)

$ 9.99

The ZorbO oil scum absorber is one of the most significant advances in hot tub water care in years! The amazing hi-tech material in the ZorbO actually absorbs up to 15 times its weight in oil scum and lotion residues out of the water, without soaking up the water itself. Yet it does so without the use of chemicals or hazardous ingredients, and lasts for months.

The elimination of oil scum means a healthier, more enjoyable spa. You'll have cleaner, clearer water, while using less chemicals. Be sure to keep spare ZorbOs on hand.
Now the famous ZorbO is even better! The new core and improved super oil absorbent material traps 33% more oil contaminants than before!

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