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Thermowave Tee Heater Kit

$ 199.78

  • Add a heater to your whirlpool bath without running additional electricity and adding
    a GFCI Breaker!
  • Thermowave installation kit has everything you need to
    convert most whirlpool baths.
  • No more adding hot water to keep your bath warm as
    you relax!

Check package for all parts. These are the standard required parts. You may use all of the
parts provided, only part of, or you may need different sizes of components. Depending on
your specific tub. We have provided the most common sizes in the industry.
Kit Includes:
1- Thermowave water heater
1- Cable wire cutter
1- Plumb union with o-ring
2- 1" Couplings
2- 12" pieces of 1" flex pipe
1- Can of PVC Glue

Whirlpool Baths:
Thermowave's greatest advantage to the whirlpool bath industry is simply
that it truly provides 100% FREE HEAT. The person using the whirlpool bath
turns on the jets (the pump), thus automatically turning on the Thermowave,
creating FREE HEAT.

Test results show that in a typical installation, Thermowave will increase the
water temperature by 1/10 of a degree every five minutes. If the user simply
wants to maintain temperature, he would allow air into the whirlpool bath
system. If he desires to cool the bath, he would then add a large amount of
air into the system. Therefore, not only can Thermowave maintain water
temperature through this method, it can actually raise or lower it.

The Thermowave has been engineered so that as the bath and pump sizes
increase, so does the amount of friction and heat. The test results are very
similar, regardless of the bath size.

Not only does the temperature of the water increase, but the ambient air
temperture does as well. The air in the room will increase at approximately
1/10 of a degree every five minutes.

Thermowave's greatest challenge is not heating the water, but is explaining
how it works. Without having a degree in Thermodynamics and Kinetic
Energy, it can be simply stated as follows. The Thermowave works on the
principle of molecular friction. If one rubs his hands together, the molecular
friction creates heat. If one rubs two sticks together, the molecular friction
creates heat. If you rub two molecules together, you create heat.

Thermowave concentrates this molecular friction inside its components to
create molecular friction in water, resulting in heat.


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